About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1970 in Japan, Kotec, a manufacturer of compounding the engineering plastic resins, supplies quality products to over 20 countries.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications. Kotec's technological innovations and professionalism have made significant contributions to the remarkable success of our loyal customers.

Our mission is to provide quality services and products that meet or exceed the standards of our worldwide customers through team collaboration.

In order to accompolish it, our specialized team is committed to working for our customers in the most economical, consistent and efficient way.

Environmental care is another mission assigned to us. Our team is also committed to protecting the natural environment.

In our business activities, we always care about the health and safety of our customers, our employees and neighbors,

which we believe in a long run will help protect the natural environment that should be handed in a sound condition on to our future generations.

Kinokawa Plant

Our Kinokawa plant, which was newly built in 1997 on the area of 9,000 m2, is located in Wakayama next to Osaka where our head-office is located.

It is operated by experienced staff members and technical specialists with 6 production lines and cutting-edge testing equipment.

“High quality products are born by all team members at a nicely and neatly organized workplace in a friendly work environment.” - This is a motto of what we are made.

About Kinokawa Plant




Our customers' satisfaction is our satisfaction. We serve our customers by producing quality materials for their productions.

  • ◆Compounding with glass fibers and carbon fibers etc.
  • ◆Improving flame retardancy, surface hardness, surface friction, impact strength etc.
  • ◆Colour compounding
  • ◆Tailor-made compounding
  • ◆Toll compounding and re-granulating of engineering plastics

QC and R&D

Our quality control and assurance are synchronized with all manufacturing processes to maintain high standards of our products so that our customers can only concentrate on their production.

In addition, a new product development is an integral parts of our business. We perform a developmental work in response to market-needs.

  • ◆Verifying conformance with our specifications
  • ◆Colour-matching according to customers’ colour samples
  • ◆Analyzing raw materials and molding parts
  • ◆Developing a new formulation to meet customers’ specification

Technical service

Technical service is indispensable to our customers and a prompt action needs to be taken if a production issues arises.

We provide our customers with advice on a solution according to the conditions of an issue.

  • ◆Checking the compatibility of materials, additives, fillers etc.
  • ◆Analyzing materials, molding parts and additives, fillers etc.
  • ◆Improving a design of the parts and molds, machine parameters